Mississippi schools evaluating COVID safety plans as Delta rages

Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 6:58 PM CDT
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CLINTON, Miss. (WLBT) - As many school districts plan for a return, others are putting the health and safety of students and staff first.

Many districts in the area are releasing their COVID safety plans before they open their doors. The Clinton Public School District returns to the classroom next Wednesday.

They have had their COVID safety plan up on their website for weeks now so parents and students will know what’s expected. Right now they are making masks optional.

The district says they’ve received equal feedback from parents in support of that decision and others who think masks should be required.

The district is monitoring the opening of other school districts like in Laurel where after only a week in class they were forced to shut down due to an outbreak in cases.

Clinton school officials say they could alter their COVID safety plan if issues arise. They say they’re always going to look out for the health and safety of everyone in their schools.

Robert Chapman, a spokesman for the district, said, “We’re going to move forward with what the data says. We’ll always make every decision based on the data and what is best for students, so we will continue doing that. If numbers look like we need to put masks in place we will make those decisions as a district, but it looks like if the numbers get better again we’ll do the same thing; make those decisions as a district collectively.”

The Simpson County School District returned to class last week and already they’re having issues. According to official letters from the district on their Facebook page, they have 15 positive students and 6 positive staff.

Ninety-two students there have been quarantined along with 6 staff.

Another letter states they are going to require everyone in the schools to wear masks starting Thursday - regardless of their vaccination status.

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