Furniture stores face challenges during pandemic

Published: Aug. 1, 2021 at 10:43 PM CDT
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PEARL, Miss. (WLBT) - Many Furniture stores across the country are seeing impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic...

I caught up the owners of one local company that is now bouncing back after a challenging year...

Take a look.

D Noblin Furniture has been serving customers in Central Mississippi for years.

But when the pandemic hit, that’s when the challenges began.

“When all of this first began, it was nerve-racking. There was no playbook on how to do this. Do we keep the store open? Do we close it? How does all this work out, and do we keep on product on order? Is there going be anybody coming in to buy? How does this work?” said D Noblin Team Member Mason Gray.

Owner Danny Noblin Gray agrees. He says the pandemic was and still is concerning.

“We were of course concerned about how that was going to impact business and so forth, but then we did close. I think it was the month of April last year when we closed, but when we opened in May of last year the floodgates were opened, as well as the furniture business across the country,” said Gray.

Gray and his sons say when the pandemic hit, more people were staying home and wanted to remodel their homes. While the demand for furniture went through the roof across the country, the delay in deliveries to get that favorite sofa, chair or mattress became an issue.

“We have been able to get product, but it has been delayed able to get product. If you were to custom order or so forth, where Bassett could deliver it in 30 days, now it is 12 weeks. But 12 weeks is really what goes in today’s world, because some people can’t ship anything because they can’t get material,” said Gray.

Material such as foam and lumber also been in short supply, which has presented a challenge for furniture stores, especially small businesses...

“You know you have to have little things to make big things and there are always ingredients. When one of those ingredients (is) missing, you can’t make the thing that you’re trying to make,” said D Noblin Team Member Grant Gray.

“You can’t make a sofa without foam; you can’t make a mattress without foam. Then there’s a lot of fabric that a lot of people use that comes from overseas,” said Danny Gray.

D Noblin says they planned for the worse, and thankfully they overstocked their warehouse just in case something like this happened.

“There are countries that are shut down right now that supply furniture to America. Malaysia is shut down; India is shut down; Vietnam is shut down; China is never going to shut down, but we don’t buy anything from China. Most of our products are American made, so we’re fortunate in that regard. Fortunately, we planned and stepped out on faith to make sure we have plenty of product coming, and, as a result, we have plenty of product,” said Danny Gray.

D Noblin says it committed to doing all it can to keep customers safe and supply them what they need even as the pandemic continues.

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