Renovations reportedly force the eviction of Jackson apartment residents

Published: Jul. 19, 2021 at 7:22 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Some West Jackson apartment residents say their pleas for repairs and the removal of mold are being met with evictions and a shutdown of the property for renovations.

According to some tenants, the management of Vintage Apartments and Townhomes is putting them out on the streets with very little notice.

“I’m on a fixed income. So it’s very hard,” said Eddie Brown.

He has lived at the Vintage Apartments for a year-and-a-half and said in May he received notice from management that his lease would not be renewed. The 67-year-old is disabled and said he’s had a difficult time finding a new apartment and most cost hundreds more.

“It’s hard to find places, because rent is pretty reasonable here and everywhere rents are going up,” said Brown. “I’m trying to get into a elderly, senior care home.”

The 175 unit apartment complex was built in 1973. Tenants say they have seen a decline in upkeep over the past few decades. Some report problems with mold and rats.

“You forcing me to move and I don’t have no where else to go. I just want to know why,” said a woman who we will call “Jane.”

She has lived at the Vintage Apartments since last August and is upset by her May notice to leave.

“I’m moving right now as we speak,” said the 28-year-old cook. “When I’m through speaking with you I’ve got to go get me a UHaul and try to put my stuff in storage and figure out from there.”

Repairs to the roof are underway. Other workers were at several units on the property. I reached out to management and was told there was no comment at this time, but tenants were given notice in April.

Meanwhile the remaining residents are scrambling to find other housing before August.

“They could have given us a little bit longer notice,” added Brown. “They still want us to pay rent and prepare to get moved too. So that’s a difficulty right there.”

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