Ridgeland Police Chief: Don’t bring crime to our city and think you can get away with it

Updated: Jun. 4, 2021 at 7:32 PM CDT
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RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - “Don’t bring crime to our city and think you can get away with it.” That was the message from Ridgeland Police Chief, John Neal, this week.

He singled out Jackson and Hinds County when releasing frustrations about a recent shooting in his city.

Neal says it doesn’t matter where you’re from, he doesn’t want any criminals committing acts in his city.

“My number one goal as Chief of Police here is I’ve got to protect our residents, our businesses from crime from anywhere. Just so happens on this particular night the violators that were involved in this incident down at the Drury Inn they were from Jackson.”

Neal says he’s especially concerned about young offenders bringing crime to Ridgeland. In the last two months they’ve had two shootings, both committed by young teens.

“It really doesn’t matter where the violators come from, it’s the fact that there’s crime happening by juveniles. One of the points I was trying to drill home during that comment the other day is that when these issues happen, the first thing you hear is what good kids they were and that’s coming from a parent who probably didn’t know where they were that night,” said Neal.

The City of Clinton also keeping crime from filtering through their border with Jackson. They’ve added a precinct in recent years and are beefing up their police force - and it’s working.

Clinton Mayor, Phil Fisher, said, “You’re looking at drops of 70 percent, overall about 72 percent reduction in crime since July 2013. And that’s because we’ve taken both active and passive measures to address the issue.”

Several metro-municipalities say they also have increased penalties for crimes in an effort to prevent people from committing crimes in their cities. They believe criminals know this and it’s helping in crime reductions.

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