‘It has to stop, Jackson’: Concerned citizens hold press conference at JPD in wake of teen’s murder

‘It has to stop, Jackson’: Local leaders hold press conference at JPD in wake of teen’s murder
‘It has to stop, Jackson’: Local leaders hold press conference at JPD in wake of teen’s murder(WLBT)
Updated: Jun. 3, 2021 at 4:43 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A makeshift press conference was held at the Jackson Police Department’s headquarters Wednesday in the wake of Kennedy Hobbs’ death the night before.

The 18-year-old was murdered at a Texaco gas station in the Capital City just hours after her graduation.

Among the speakers at the press conference, which included a local pastor and political candidates, was Napolean Edwards, a local personality and radio-show host.

“We’re here today to speak as one unit,” Edwards said. “Not Black, not white, not rich, not poor, not Democrat or Republican, but as humans that are saying to our city, to our city government, to law enforcement... we’re tired.”

Edwards said that the citizens of the community are tired of seeing yet another news briefing by police regarding another shooting and that citizens are tired of their children being “murdered in the street.”

He then said that the people of Jackson must now fight for their right to live.

“If you pay a tax here, buy something here... you invested in Kennedy. You invested in her because every dollar that spent went into her public education. And rather than her public education going on and bettering herself, it went up in a blaze of bullets,” Edwards stated.

Investigators have stayed tight-lipped about the death of Hobbs, revealing little details into the shooting of the teen girl and the search for her killer(s).

Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes issued a public apology to her family, saying, “I want to apologize to them for the city of Jackson failing them.”

Jackson’s Mayor Chokwe Lumumba has also spoken on the death, saying that he has spoken to the family but will leave what was said in their conversation confidential.

While still at the mic, Edwards said that the deaths in the city “[have] to stop” and proceeded to ask the community for help because “[Kennedy Hobbs] is all our children.”

He blamed her death on “thugs” who he says are driving around the city with high-powered weapons.

Edwards said he is a supporter of the Second Amendment, “but at what cost?” He also placed partial blame on local gun shows, who he claims are selling firearms to low-income Black children who then use them on other low-income Black children.

Edwards swore himself to not sitting back quietly, and said he will speak out “to the things that are not right about this community.”

“I’m not saying this to throw a race card,” Edwards said towards the end of his speech, “but had this happened to a Caucasian child in Madison County, every entity of law enforcement would be feverishly working to secure an arrest.”

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