10 years later: Mother reflects on Moss Point son’s murder with no justice

Mother reflects on Moss Point son’s murder with no justice
Mother reflects on Moss Point son’s murder with no justice(WLOX)
Updated: May. 28, 2021 at 7:47 PM CDT
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MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - For one mother, the news of a fatal shooting on Hilma Street this week takes her back ten years. That’s where her 21-yar-old son died and a decade later, she’s still praying for justice.

In 2011, 21-year-old Donate Bradley was shot in Moss Point on Hilma Street. Bradley’s mother Betty Lampton said that her son was unarmed during the shooting.

“He was shot and left arm with an AK 47 gun at close range,” said Lampton. “So it tore all the ligaments around his heart. When he hit the ground, someone else shot him in the head.”

Lampton said she’s disappointed that her son’s murder still isn’t solved and that there’s increased shootings in the area.

“I feel empty because I really don’t know who killed him. It was more than one person shooting. For someone to have that much hate is sad,” said Lampton. “You don’t have power to just take a life.”

Lampton predicted that more mothers will be left feeling empty if others refuse to give information because of fear.

“I had to go to the area and ask around to see what happened. All the elders and people knew what happened but didn’t want to get involved,” said Lampton, “It’s going to continue if you don’t speak up. The bullies that live in that area are going to keep doing it if you don’t speak up and stop it.”

Lampton moved from the area in 2004 due to the violence, and she said that her son was about to move but then his life ended before he got the chance.

“I just left the area because I was getting anxiety, it didn’t feel safe anymore and had four break-ins. After I moved to Harrison County then this happened to my son. I know they’re trying to improve, and everybody that live there is not bad, but they to motivate themselves to do better,” said Lampton.

Lampton said there still isn’t anyone charged for Bradley’s murder.

She encourages everyone to contact Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers to give anonymous information.

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