Local gas prices jump as Colonial Pipeline reopens

Updated: May. 12, 2021 at 10:03 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Gas supplies continue to fluctuate across the metro after news a major pipeline was shut down this week.

As people bought lots of fuel fearing it would run out, supplies have dwindled. You may not be a hunter but you may have had to become one this week if you wanted to find gas.

Don Cliburn owns Cliburn Tank Lines in Florence but this week he went back on the road, hoping to catch up on the run on gas.

Don Cliburn said, “I just wish everybody would understand we really don’t have a shortage on gas. It looks like we do because of the hacking, but I really think just kind of tone it down. Buy just what they need.”

Cliburn, like others, say the panic buying is drying up tanks more than anything right now.

His drivers are having to go to Kenner, Louisiana to fill some of his trucks then drop small amounts of gas at multiple stations just so they can keep their pumps on.

“I went and unloaded a load today. A load of premium. It took me four hours to set that one load between four stations and that’s time consuming,” said Cliburn.

Fuel transporters say it’s still going to take several days for them to catch up with the demand. This as gas prices creep near the $3.00 mark in the metro.

Some of the fuel transporters say they’re seeing a bottleneck at the Collins terminal.

Trucks lined up all trying to get fuel at once which is also causing a delay in getting it to the stations where people are lining up to get it.

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