Jackson Police Department reporting six homicides in 24 hours

Jackson Police Department reporting six homicides in 24 hours

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Jackson Police Department is reporting six homicides in the last 24 hours, including the latest, which occurred in the early morning hours of April 17 on Bailey Avenue.

Police say that two men, Richard Tanner, 24, and Cleophus Walker III, 20, were shot in the 3800 block of Bailey. The incident occurred around 1 a.m., allegedly at a club called Patrick’s Place, police say.

Both victims died on the scene. No suspect information was available.

Around 6 p.m. on April 16, a man was shot multiple times near Winter Street and Rosemont Avenue.

And just before noon on April 16, three people were killed at a home in the 2600 block of Pinebrook Drive.

”Everyday you cut the TV on that’s all you hear on the news is about killing,” said Pastor Levertis Luvene, who’s lived in Jackson for more than five decades.”The changes I really want to see is for us to pray more, and then get off our rusty knees and start doing something about it.”

“That’s the reason people want to move away from Jackson, so many homicides,” said Gloria Davis, who’s a Jackson resident. “Everyday you turn on the news, somebody done killed somebody’s child, and then they want to retaliate, that’s not the answer. Let the police do their jobs. Don’t try to do the job for them because if you try to do the job for them, we are going to continue to have all of this killing. Take the gun shows away, ban the gun shows in Mississippi, and then hold the parents accountable for what their child do. We all have to work together, the mayor, the council, everybody has to come together, and if we come together, then it can be solved.”

The incidents come days after the city council approved a resolution asking for a “cease-fire,” in a symbolic effort to curb violence.

“Let’s stop the killing. Let’s stop the violence and let’s cease-fire,” Ward Three Councilman Kenneth Stokes said, as he urged other members on the council to approve his resolution. “I’m not going to say we’re going to stop everybody who wants to kill someone, because you can’t. But you might [stop] somebody who has these guns.”

With the Bailey Avenue shootings, 47 homicides have been reported so far this year in the Capital City, according to Three On Your Side’s data.

Based on those numbers, Jackson is again expected to have the deadliest year on record, eclipsing 2020.

Jackson is also eclipsing other major cities in terms of homicides. So far this year, Jackson has had one murder per every 3,540 people. By comparison, through 2021 St. Louis has one homicide per every 5,313 residents; Baltimore has had one per every 6,920; and Memphis has had one per every 8,578 people, data shows.

Chicago, too, has had had fewer homicides per person this year than the capital city. Through April 16, 163 homicides have been reported in the Illinois metropolis, or one per every 1,626 people stats show.

As of Saturday, an arrest has not been made in any of the homicide investigations from this weekend.

If anyone has information on the crimes, you’re asked to contact JPD, and remember, you can report anonymously.

Police Chief James Davis could not be reached for comment.

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