Confrontation between former campaign staffer and Jackson mayoral candidate turns physical

Confrontation between former political staffer and Jackson mayoral candidate turns physical

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Surveillance video shows part of an attack against a Jackson mayoral candidate inside a Jackson coffee shop Tuesday, but the other person involved in that incident tells 3 On Your Side that footage doesn’t tell the whole story.

Cameras inside Native Coffee on North State Street captured the point where Charlotte Reeves walks toward the counter and is yanked backwards to the floor by her hair.

The person doing the pulling: Ashley Tose, who Reeves said previously did social media for the campaign.

Tose declined an on-camera interview, but captured most of the confrontation on a Facebook livestream, a livestream she did not give permission for WLBT to show.

In that video, Tose claimed Reeves owed her money for work she had done on the mayoral campaign, designing brochures and writing the very literature that many potential voters see.

That day, Tose said she arrived after seeing Reeves’ vehicle, then confronted her and cursed her out.

Tose then stuck her phone, still streaming, closer to Reeves’ face and the video shows the candidate slapping the phone down. It’s unclear if she struck the phone and Tose in the video, but Tose said she got slapped in the face.

“Oh, my gosh. I would never slap anybody. And no, no, no, I did not slap her. She disrupted the whole- the whole coffee shop where I was. Screaming and cursing,” Reeves said.

After the disputed slap, Reeves walked away, and Tose grabbed her by her hair. At that point, employees made Tose leave.

On Wednesday, Reeves showed up at Hinds County Justice Court to get an order of protection against Tose, saying she’s very dangerous.

“She was 30 years old, and I’m not 30 years old. I’m considered a senior citizen. So it was a miracle when I went to the emergency room that nothing was actually broken,” Reeves said. “They said, I’m gonna be really sore. And I am. But this is very dangerous.”

Reeves was given a case card by JPD, indicating this case will be handled as a simple assault. JPD has not confirmed that with WLBT nor answered any questions about the incident.

Tose said she could be seeking damages against Reeves for plagiarism, defamation and slander, some of those stemming from campaign brochures she says she designed and Reeves is still using.

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