Residents anxiously await work on Belhaven Creek amid spring storms

Residents anxiously await work on Belhaven Creek amid spring storms

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Storms like Friday’s raise fears among residents living in areas in the city prone to flash flooding.

One Jackson neighborhood is approved for improvements along a creek that floods regularly, but, in the meantime, they hope for a dry spring.

Belhaven Creek on Saint Mary Street often overflows during heavy rains. For residents living near the creek, slated improvements can’t come soon enough.

“It builds up really bad, and then it got so bad last year that it came up to the door step,” said Dalton Morgan. He lives on Saint Mary Street and like many others on the street, he grows anxious when heavy rains occur.

The Ellisville native lives a few doors down from Belhaven Creek which runs through the neighborhood. Friday’s storms were the latest to flood streets and yards. Sand bags stay on the porch in the event the flood waters pass the doorstep.

“If I would’ve left my car there whenever the weather happened over the weekend, then I would probably have a flooded engine. And I was looking at quite an extensive amount of money to fix that,” said Morgan.

Less than a mile west on Peachtree Street near Riverside Drive, two cars were stalled in the flash flooding. Waters escaped the creek there - a regular occurrence for residents who hope relief comes soon.

The overflowing creek impacts many living beside it, south of Riverside Drive. $2.9 million dollars were allocated by the City Council in October to make improvements to the creek.

Plans include widening the creek, shoring up walls and making other needed improvements. A new box culvert is set to be installed under St. Mary Street to allow more water to pass during flooding.

“I would like to see something happen, you know, so I don’t have to always constantly think about when it rains, you know? ‘Oh, I need to go move my car,’ or, you know, thinking the worst of when it rains,” added Morgan.

Hemphill Construction was awarded the contract. Jackson Public Works Director Dr. Charles Williams said work on the creek has not begun because of recent weather conditions.

The plan is to start work in May.

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