Jackson woman says she, daughter injured after crash with street racer

Jackson woman says she, daughter injured after crash with street racer

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Sunday was supposed to be a night of family fun for Kansas Smith and her daughter.

After making a stop at her mother’s house, Smith was planning to take her eight-year-old out for pizza, followed by a trip to the trampoline park to burn it off.

Instead, the two spend much of the evening at the hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries after being hit head-on by who she said was a street racer.

“Accidents happen, (but this) was not some regular accident,” Smith said. “They were speeding. They were racing. And my child was in the car.”

Smith was heading north on North State Street when she noticed two vehicles heading toward her. She said those vehicles, a Dodge Durango and a Ford Mustang, were racing each other side by side and the Mustang was in her lane.

“He was coming toward me head-first,” she said. “He was in my lane trying to race.”

North State, north of Northside Drive, is two lanes with a turn lane. The street was reduced from four lanes as part of a $19.6 million reconstruction project.

The incident occurred around 5:40 p.m. Some witnesses, though, said the incident was not a race, but rather the Mustang was attempting to go around the Durango.

Smith, though, said the drivers were racing, and that Durango hit the Mustang when it attempted to pass it.

“The Durango hit him and slung him right into me,” she said. “It completely totaled my car out.”

Smith suffered a case of whiplash and a few scratches. She also suffered minor chest burns from the airbag. Meanwhile, her daughter had few cuts from the seatbelt.

“It’s just pain and bruises and stuff,” she said. “(But) I couldn’t even sleep last night. I was up tossing and turning.”

Smith’s glad she and her daughter are OK but is upset that the drivers of the other vehicles were not arrested.

The driver of the Mustang remained on the scene until police arrived. However, she said the driver of the Durango exited his vehicle and fled on foot.

“I told the police when they came that they were racing, and the police were nonchalant about it,” she said. “They let him leave ... They just let him go.

“On top of that, he didn’t have any insurance … none at all.”

Jackson Police Department (JPD) spokesman Officer Sam Brown said he was looking into the incident.

Smith said her vehicle and the Mustang were towed, while she and her daughter were transported by ambulance to the hospital. She said she was still in pain Tuesday.

Smith and others are pushing the city to take a greater stand against street racing.

Residents in Fondren, for instance, recently formed a Street Safety Task Force, citing the increase in street racing in their community.

The group met with the mayor and police chief back in February, when Chief James Davis said a temporary detail had been assigned to the area.

On Monday, FRF announced that task force members had requested an additional meeting with the mayor and chief to follow up.

“We pride ourselves on being a walkable community,” FRF Executive Director Rebecca Garrison said. “This puts pedestrians in jeopardy, as it does anyone who lives or travels along Fondren streets.”

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