Jackson resident thankful to be alive after overnight storms cause roof cave-in

Damage reported in Central Miss. as storms come barreling through

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - People all across the Metro spent their Saturday cleaning up damage and debris after strong storms swept through Central Mississippi.

One of them being Jackson resident Connor McMullan.

Video from a home surveillance camera shows how McMullan, his friends, and family were spending their Friday night.

“We were just sitting down, just hanging out, casual, normal, Friday night,” said McMullan.

Then around 9 o’clock, he said a strong storm rolled through the area.

“All of a sudden, the house started to shake,” McMullan recalled. “It was raining so we didn’t really think anything of it.”

Then, moments later the severe weather caused their roof to cave in.

Everyone inside narrowly escaped before everything came crashing down.

“It’s crazy how my life could’ve easily changed had I not gotten up and ran away, my roof could’ve fallen right on top of me,” said McMullan. ”It was really fast. It went from just being normal to just all of a sudden seeing my chimney in the middle of my dining room.”

McMullan said their living room now filled with debris and a gaping hole through the roof.

The Jackson native said a large tree toppled over, landed on their chimney, which then fell through the ceiling leaving a big mess behind.

“Thankfully nobody was hurt because there were about three or four of us sitting down at the table, and easily something could have fallen on us,” McMullan expressed.

But McMullan’s Jackson home was not the only damage in the Metro.

Overnight storms caused flooding in Jackson, Rankin County, and in Belhaven.

As the sun began to rise, it also revealed the extent of the damage a local convenient store received in Florence.

Strong winds caused the awning to cave in at Jr. Food Mart.

At this time no injuries have been reported from the storms..

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