Lumumba says city ‘pregnant with possibilities’ after Tuesday’s primary victory

Lumumba says city ‘pregnant with possibilities’ after Tuesday’s primary victory
Lumumba says city ‘pregnant with possibilities’ after Tuesday’s primary victory (Source: WLBT)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba says that his city is “pregnant with possibilities” after winning Tuesday night’s Democratic primary.

Lumumba won his primary with 13,735 votes, obtaining just shy of 70% of the vote. The next election will be held in June.

“I thank you beautiful, beautiful people. People of understanding. People of intellect and intelligence. People who are resilient,” Lumumba wrote in a statement Wednesday.

His victory, he said, is due in part because of his “declaration” that he will “continue to build an Administration based on integrity, resilience, self-determination, and dignity.

I want to thank you for your confidence in me, your confidence in this Administration, and your hope that we can do better working together.”

He ended the statement by saying that Jackson is “pregnant with possibilities” and, through God’s love, divine ability and guidance, the city can become a jewel.

In his victory speech Tuesday night, which began by his singing the first verses of Victory is Mine, an emotional Lumumba thanked the citizens of Jackson for “seeing through the nonsense” and “treacherous lies” before citing the words of his father, Mayor Chokwe Lumumba: “You gotta give the people more credit than that.”

This comes after a barrage of criticism in the weeks and months leading up to the election from Gov. Tate Reeves and members of the Jackson City Council.

Lumumba’s administration has also seen the highest murder rates in the city’s history, with 128 homicides in 2020 alone. The Capitol City has also seen a surge in crime this year with 34 homicides from the beginning January to the end of March.

This does come in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been blamed for a rise in crime across the country. There has also been a “critical shortage” of police on the streets of Jackson.

Lumumba does count the massive $90 million settlement with Siemens as a victory, when the city sued the company for what his administration called a “massive fraud” operation.

Some of that settlement, $8.7 million, is said to be going towards updating the city’s water billing software. The work will take around 12 months to complete.

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