Mayor Lumumba responds to Governor Reeves’ comments on infrastructure

Mayor Lumumba responds to Governor Reeves’ comments on infrastructure
Mayor Chokwe Lumumba responds to Governor Tate Reeve's comments on Joe Biden's infrastructure plan. (Source: CNN)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mayor Chokwe Lumumba is “optimistic” about President Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan.

The mayor believes the plan will help Jackson deal with its “aging and failing infrastructure.”

However, Governor Tate Reeves called the president’s plan a tax hike that would lead to Americans losing a significant amount of jobs.

Lumumba responded to the governor’s assessment of the plan by stating that nothing runs businesses out of cities like Jackson more than a system that can not support them.

He says that a sustainable infrastructure provides more sustained communities and an opportunity for economic development.

“We want to turn our crumbling infrastructure into an economic frontier, and we need the resources to be able to accomplish that feat.”

The mayor insists that Jackson needs the state and federal government to join with the city and provide these resources.

After the winter storm in February, the city was exposed to the ramifications of an infrastructure that is not prepared for severe weather.

The lack of an updated system cost many citizens to suffer a lack of water and power for several weeks.

“Water has been restored to our residents and the boil water notice has been lifted,” said Mayor Lumumba. “But I would still qualify us as still remaining in a crisis.”

The Republican State House recently killed a local sales tax initiative that would have given the city money to upgrade the water system.

Lumumba states that “they failed to hear the cry of mothers and fathers, of grandparents, of children who are in need of dependable water.”

Nothing is stopping severe weather from happening again. Subsequently, nothing is stopping another crisis from happening.

“It isn’t a matter of if but when the city will suffer another catastrophic event,” said Mayor Lumumba.

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