Yazoo County sheriff appointed city’s police chief

Yazoo County sheriff appointed city’s police chief

YAZOO CITY, Miss. (WLBT) - Yazoo County’s top law enforcement officer is taking over Yazoo City’s police department until a permanent replacement is hired.

The first plan for Sheriff Jacob Sheriff in his dual role is to immediately get more boots on the ground to stop the escalating crime.

Tuesday, Sheriff was in his first day on the job as interim Yazoo City Police Chief. The 40-year law officer was appointed by the mayor and board of aldermen Monday after the resignation of Chief Jay Winstead.

He said curbing recent violence will take more manpower.

“We are short handed, and we are short staffed,” said the sheriff. ”I’m having the officers now have to do double shifts and throughout and by way of the sheriff’s department and the county we’re going to try to just work a joint force and just make Yazoo City safe right now.”

Sheriff’s appointment follows a weekend of violence with children as victims. So far no arrests have been made. Aldermen Sir Johnathan Rucker says the city had to take immediate action.

“It was just disturbing to have a 13-year-old gunned down in our streets, never happened like that before in Yazoo,” said Rucker. “To have an eight-year-old get shot while lying in the bed and to ask her parents what did I do. What did I do for somebody to shoot me?”

“Yazoo City does not have a moment to waste,” said Yazoo City resident Cynthia Johnson Walker.

She supports the board’s decision.

“He was elected by an overwhelming landslide,” said Johnson Walker. “He has a vote of confidence for many, many, many residents here in Yazoo County. Their voice was in their vote.”

Sheriff has already received calls about positions with the police department. The three term sheriff is also reaching out to MBI for assistance.

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