Mississippi parents share different opinions on whether children should get vaccinated

Mississippi parents share different opinions on whether their children will get vaccinated

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - With more adults rolling up their sleeves to get the COVID-19 vaccine, pharmaceutical companies have started clinical trials on children to help them stay virus free.

Now parents are weighing in on a future vaccine for young children.

Tracey Williams Brown’s son Marcus is in first grade and she worries about him contracting COVID-19.

“You never know because they are children, they touch, and they do everything,” she said. “I have to tell him all the time about touching things, going to wash his hands and just making sure he has his mask pulled up over his nose.”

This mother says when the time comes and a vaccine is available for kids, she will sign him up.

“I want him to feel safe because he worries about it. He knows all about it. Even when he attends church, he asked me, ‘Can I hug people?’”

Health officials say both Pfizer and Moderna are conducting clinical trials on young children.

“They get literally thousands of children enrolled in these trials. You are looking at how well does it work, are there any problems, what is the correct dose, and what is the correct dosing interval,” said pediatrician Dr. John Gaudet.

Still, Jackson parent Derrick Davis admits his daughter will not be getting the vaccine

“It should be the option of parents on what they want to do or not,” he said. “Me personally- I wouldn’t give it mine at this point.”

Davis says he is not only skeptical about vaccinating kids, but he’s also concerned about possible long term side effects.

“Their mind is still developing and it may harm them. It may fix the virus today, but it may harm them tomorrow or years down the line,” said”

Gaudet says while he understands parents’ concerns, the clinical trials happening now are meant to ensure safety and efficacy for the younger generation to fight against COVID

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