Young entrepreneur creates sanitary product box for young girls

K-Box Krew welcomes young girls to womanhood
Updated: Mar. 16, 2021 at 12:27 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - When a young girl gets her first menstrual cycle, it can be a confusing and uncomfortable experience for them.

Eleven-year-old Jacksonian Kynadie Young-Batteast is hoping to change that through her K-Box “Welcome to Young Womanhood” feminine hygiene box.

Kynadie Young-Batteast, Founder of K-Box Krew
Kynadie Young-Batteast, Founder of K-Box Krew(K-Box Krew)

“When my mom told me about periods, I thought maybe I could help other girls feel more comfortable and empowered by their periods coming,” Kynadie said.

Whitney Hunter-Batteast, Kynadie’s mom, said she remembers her mother making her a bag of sanitary products when that time came for her, so the idea for K-Box came from that.

“Now the boxes are an actual thing that we created to help empower girls and take away that shame that comes from having your period even though it happens to all of us, it is a normal occurrence,” Whitney said. “There are still some things that are so hush-hush, don’t say anything, or if you feel weird no one really wants to talk about it. So, when it came time for her to start having those conversations with her friends at school- because that’s where you get all your information, I wanted her to be armed with the correct information on what was happening and not feel so afraid, alone or ashamed.”

K-Box Krew
K-Box Krew(K-Box Krew)

The boxes include the following items:

  • Travel pouch equipped with the Honey Pot sanitary products
  • Leak-proof period panties
  • A journal set
  • “Beautiful Me: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Self-love” book/journal
  • Informational pamphlet on menstrual cycles and body changes
  • Period tracker chart

Right now, the boxes are for sale to the public, but Whitney says they are also providing them to young ladies in group homes and have plans to work with school districts to offer them to young ladies who get their menstrual cycle while at school.

For more information on the K-Box Krew, visit their Facebook page.

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