Ruptured fire hydrant shuts off water to Jackson businesses for weeks

Ruptured fire hydrant shuts off water to businesses for weeks

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - As water pressure builds to restore service, breaks in the lines are still causing problems.

Several businesses on one Jackson street haven’t had water in weeks because of a ruptured fire hydrant.

These companies are trying to operate but one is nearing the end of their rope.

“It went from a trickle to a little bit of a flow,” said Denver Tatum pointing to water rushing from the side of the street into the roadway.

Now water is gushing from a ruptured fire hydrant on Lena Street‚ while S & R Metal Company and four other businesses on the street have no water.

The shop manufactures specialty machine parts.

“We probably go through 100 to 150 gallons a week just in the cooling tanks for our machines, and we don’t have access to it right now,” said the S&R Metal Company owner. “We had to rig up a little hose system to get it out of the fire hydrant just to keep our business going right now”.

It’s very discouraging for businesses to see water flowing strongly into the street when they have none for restrooms, drinking, or their operations.

The leak started when the ice and snow thawed.

“It’s just been giving us “River Lena Street” for a couple of weeks now,” said Tatum.

Two body shops and a welding business are also on the street.

Tatum said he’s called the city five times. According to the machinist, someone from the city drove by but did not stop to cap off the fire hydrant or make repairs.

The business owner said they are constantly dealing with line breaks.

“We’ve become accustomed to potholes and mud and running water on our street,” added Tatum. “It’s just been the norm for a quarter-century”.

Jackson City officials said Monday they will have a crew to look at it. No timeline was provided.

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