Jackson water pressure increasing, one day after setback

Jackson water pressure increasing, one day after setback

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Jackson city leaders say they’re again making progress with restoring water to residents after a setback Wednesday.

A mechanical failure at the water treatment plant forced them to shut down, but they’re up and running now increasing the water pressure.

Thursday water pressure dropped to 50 psi at the O.B. Curtis Water Plant. City officials say they’ve increased that to 85 psi.

The city has hired vendors and contractors to look over the equipment at the plant and to assist in making repairs to water main breaks. Water pressure is now returning to resident who lost it Wednesday. There are still pockets of residents, though, who are still without water.

The city believes if they don’t have any more setbacks they can return water pressure to all residents in the coming days, other than in places where they are working water main breaks.

City engineer, Dr. Charles Williams said, “As we continue to trend during this time, hopefully over the weekend we can continue to see gains in our tanks. If the pressure sustains, then fully we can say a majority of our residence except for isolated areas will be with water.”

Some of the higher elevations in Jackson are still struggling to get pressure. Broadstreet Bakery has been closed for 16 days now. The pressure is too low to run things in their restaurant like their dishwashers.

There are still several non potable and bottled water distribution points in operation. The city is still under a boil water notice. Officials are hoping testing of the water can start soon so that can also be lifted.

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