An extremely messy yard frustrated neighbors for years in Los Angeles, but change may be coming

LOS ANGELES (KCAL/KCBS) - A California law might be able to help clean up a suspected hoarder’s home in Los Angeles.

The LAPD are going door-to-door to interview neighbors - the same people who say they’ve been fighting for years to get this cleaned up.

The city is finally going fix it by filing a nuisance abatement.

“The neighbors should not be stuck with this,” said Mark Adams, who owns the California Receivership Group.

All his company does is clean up nuisance properties. The city is going to use a company like his to take action.

“The state legislature passed this law allowing a court to appoint a health and safety receiver who is an agent of the court, so we get appointed we have the powers of the judge to get it cleaned up,” Adams said.

The residents have been trying to get this cleaned up for nearly three years, but Adams says a receivership could do it in two to three months. And the costs, he says, are not that significant.

“This is probably a $7,000 to $15,000 cleanout,” Adams said. The cost to clean it up is then covered by a lien against the house.

Adams said, for whatever reason, Los Angeles has been reluctant to use his services in the past.

“We do business all over California, San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, Fresno - and L.A. has not embraced this remedy before,” he said.

Councilman John Lee concedes that the judicial system has failed this neighborhood.

“Because they have no prior criminal record, because this is a misdemeanor, there is a warrant, but you can’t make an arrest on a case like this,” he said.

If you talk to the residents, they say the city has failed them. They say they pay property taxes, they should be protected, and the city has not done enough.

“We have issued, you know, we’ve issued fines against the property. We’ve gone through the exact process, but, unfortunately there’s something called the Constitution that gives them rights as property owners,” Lee said.

Lee concedes that a resolution of the matter shouldn’t have taken three years.

“Absolutely not. I do not think that’s acceptable time. I think it be have been much, much faster,” Lee said.

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