Employees angry their business is struggling without water pressure while car wash operates next door

Employees angry their business is struggling without water pressure while car wash operates next door

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - As the days without water linger in Jackson, many businesses are being hampered by the outages. But workers are growing irate at what they say is a waste of water by a local car wash while others are suffering.

“Right in front of the building, there’s a car wash that’s going full steam,” said Southern Research Group accounting manager Adam Sturdivant. He and the staff are upset that the five story Lefleur’s Bluff Tower has little water pressure and no air conditioning.

Fans were purchased for the call center which reaches 80 degrees. The air conditioning system requires water pressure to operate. Employees can only use a few bathrooms on the first floor. This has been going on for nearly two weeks.

“That car wash is up and running. Why are we having all these problems?” asked Sturdivant. “They’re shutting our air conditioners down because of a lack of water pressure and then 50 yards away there’s a car wash running full steam ahead.”

“We’re trying to conserve water and it really bothers me to see a car wash washing cars all day,” said Southern Research Group employee Evelyn Ford. The telephone interviewer said she contacted the governor’s office and was referred to the city.

After several days of calls, she was directed to the police department and 311.

“I was told that they would be given a citation,” said Ford. “We’re having to do our jobs and it’s unfair that a car wash will have cars, and I know on Wednesday, maybe on Tuesday it was 20 cars in line over there.”

I reached out to the management at Mister Car Wash about the company’s decision to operate.

“The city did not indicate the need to close while communicating with them,” said Mister Car Wash Corporate Communications Director Megan Everette.” After discussions the regional team has decided to close both stores early and monitor whether they should reopen Friday.

The corporate spokesperson said they are cooperating with the city’s efforts to restore water pressure.

“We love being a part of the community and our hearts are broken for the city and we are trying to be a part of the solution,” Everette added.

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