Businesses and cities react to COVID-19 restrictions being lifted

Businesses and cities react to COVID-19 restrictions being lifted

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - After a year of restrictions, restaurants like Burgers, Blues, Barbecue in Brandon say they’re looking forward to getting back to some normalcy.

“At 5 o’clock people will be able to walk in without a mask and we won’t have to ask them to go back to their car or give them one,” said Director of Operations Dwayne Rainer.

But they won’t totally go back to pre-pandemic operations.

“As a company we’ve decided we will wear masks until the foreseeable future so they just feel safe and comfortable and will continue to follow all safety protocols and sanitation protocols,” added Rainer.

We also checked in at Pizza Shack in Madison.

“I don’t really think it’s going to effect us that much,” noted General Manager Bret Guy. They haven’t been refusing service to unmasked customers or kept them from dining in.

“It may help on the weekends but other than that I think it’s going to be about the same,” said Guy.

The Governor’s announcement also removed outdoor venue restrictions. Mississippi State and Southern Miss set to play a rescheduled game at Trustmark Park.

“We at the same time realize that COVID-19 hasn’t vanished in the last 24 hours,” said Mississippi Braves Vice President and General Manager Pete Laven. “I mean, they’re vaccinating 900 people a day right in our parking lot. So we’re going to take the same precautions we would have two days ago.”

Folks will have to wear masks to enter and exit the ballpark and seating is socially distanced. Several cities erring on the side of caution, including Vicksburg.

“We’re going to keep our civil emergency order intact for at least another week or two so we can look at the numbers,” said Mayor George Flaggs. “I’m not here ready today to say that because somebody gave me the opportunity let’s just take the cap off the lid and see whether or not genie’s is in the bottle or out of the bottle.”

Bottom line, have your mask ready despite the Governor’s order. Other cities keeping mask mandates in place include: Hattiesburg, Jackson, Canton and Greenville.

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