City of Vicksburg hires firm for water system upgrade recommendations

Water treatment plant upgrades in the works in Vicksburg

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WLBT) - In the City of Vicksburg water is flowing from faucets again.

That city’s water system was hit hard by the recent winter weather and the mayor is taking steps to help upgrade the water system and evaluate the system’s capacity.

The recent historic ice storm in the City of Vicksburg caused water woes for residents and businesses, but now the main water treatment plant in the city is running at full capacity again.

Mayor George Flaggs says he still putting plans in place in hopes of avoiding future water problems.

When the ice storm hit Vicksburg it didn’t take long for the freezing temps to disrupt the water service.

“The problem we had was broken water lines, fire systems and we were struggling at the plant to keep water in the pipes,” said Public Works Director Garnet VanNorman.

“I think for the most part about took three to five days to restore water,” said Mayor Flaggs.

Flaggs says thanks to the city’s emergency plan they were able to restore water in the city faster than expected after such a powerful winter storm. Now Vicksburg is trying to avoid future water problems.

“Water affects everything. Water affects every customer in the city, the restaurants, your hospitals, your residents, and everybody.”

The mayor and board of aldermen have agreed to hire an engineering firm to do an evaluation and give recommendations on how to identify leaks faster, how to better control the water pressure flowing to homes and businesses, and evaluate ways to increase the capacity at its existing water treatment plant.

“Why not study the capacity and the impact of the most vital service to the community,” said Flaggs.

The city has also formed a special committee to help with the comprehensive evaluation that will benefit its more than eight thousand customers and two water districts that rely on the city for water.

“They will look at upgrades we can make at the plant, and possibly a second plant on the south side of town and upgrades to the system, and that is something that has never happened before,: VanNorman said.

Mayor Flaggs says the study will last 90 days.

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