Residents still affected by water outages as crews continue work

Residents still affected by water outages as crews continue work

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - People on Glendale Street, just like all over the city, are praying that the water is restored sooner than later.

“Well it’s been pretty bad, the pressure finally tried to pick up a little bit, and then it erupted down there,” said Charlie Bacon, who lives on Glendale Street.

Bacon, who is a plumber, said it has been frustrating with no water, but even when the water came back for a moment, it was murky. City Engineer Charles Williams said this is a challenge for the city’s resources.

“But I do want to stress that we are doing everything we can,” said Williams. “We didn’t expect this to happen, but we’re dealing with the aftermath of it. We’re also dealing with the science of how the water system was designed.”

Bacon laughs about how he wants to take matters into his own hands. He works for Mr. Fix It Plumbing, and their motto is, “If water, gas, or sewage goes through it, I do it!”

“I wanted to go over there and fix it, but I know that it’s in the streets and that the city has to fix it, so I just rode by,” Bacon said. “Hopefully the city can get it done.”

It’s not out of the question, though, that the city could bring in additional resources.

“If we do need to bring in additional contractors to help, I have a meeting today with my supervisors to discuss the ongoing strategies,” Williams said.

But it sounds like Charlie Bacon has had his plate full ever since the weather came in.

“House calls all day long, all week long, Monday though Sunday,” he said. “Then some people wanted theirs fixed because it was froze, but I said, ‘You have to wait ‘til it thaws out before we can find anything.’ So it’s helped business a lot.”

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