Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann weighs in on pending legislation, including tax reform

Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann weighs in on pending legislation, including tax reform

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - As lawmakers approach the next set of deadlines at the State Capitol, Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann spoke Monday about some pending issues.

Hosemann said during the Stennis Press Forum that he’s hoping to see the House act on a teacher pay raise soon.

“COVID got their raise last year that they desperately earned and deserved and now it’s being included in some kind of tax restructuring over time,” said Hosemann.

He’s referring to the tax reform bill passed quickly by the House last week. Hosemann had not previously weighed in the details of the proposal.

“Clearly the bill as written has many issues with it. I have concerns about raising anybody’s taxes,” noted Hosemann Monday.

Hosemann says he’s asking the state economist to model what the impacts could be of phasing out the income tax while increasing the sales tax. He’s also getting accounting firms to look at projections.

“There are a lot of unintended consequences here and questions that I have and they range from tractors to non-profits to advantage job credits to others,” explained Hosemann. “I’ve even had one accounting firm say they’ve had someone tell them they won’t come here if this bill passed.”

Hosemann says his office has received a lot of feedback from various groups: educators, farmers, restaurants, retirees and others about how the legislation would impact them financially.

“I’ve not had one Senator come to me in the last week, I’ve not had one Senator come to me and say they want to pass this bill,” described Hosemann. “I think that’s indicative of the depth of knowledge that’s required.”

But he says the Senate will work as quickly as they can to get issues addressed. Meanwhile, Speaker Philip Gunn posting a series of videos to his Facebook page in an effort to explain the bill.

“You’re going to end up getting more money back in your pocket than you’re going to be paying out in sales tax,” said Gunn in one of the videos.

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