Jackson and Byram residents ready for water woes to be over

Some residents entering second week without water

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - As the City of Jackson enters week three of its water crisis, many residents are still dealing with little or no water pressure.

Many of those residents are in West and South Jackson, one of them being Eliece Norwood.

”Unless you have actually walked in our shoes, it’s not easy to say you fully understand what we’re going through,” said Norwood.

On Monday, as the raindrops fell through Norwood’s drainage system, she placed a bucket underneath it trying to collect every drip. She used that water to flush her toilet. It’s the reality she facing due to the low water pressure in her home.

Though Norwood has some pressure, she said it’s not enough for her to do normal everyday things.

”I’m buying water which I shouldn’t have to in order to cook and in order to clean,” she explained. “I’m taking my clothes to my parent’s house to wash, and bath and showers I’m either going to a hotel, or I’m going to my parent’s house.”

However, Norwood isn’t alone. Other residents in Brookleigh Hills are faced with the same thing.

”We had gone nine days without any water,” said Shirley Rosser, who lives in South Jackson. Rosser said the water pressure in her home is strong enough to flush toilets, but she still can’t cook, clean, or bathe.

”I know what it is, I know how to survive in it, but it’s not my choice to live this way,” said Rosser.

”Your food choices are limited,” said Christopher Rosser. “You don’t really want to cook because you will mess up dishes, and clean the dishes you will have to boil water, and just do all these things. We’ve been having to spend more money on quick foods.”

Jackson city leaders said South Jackson residents are still dealing with these water problems due to its distance from the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant.

In the meantime, as residents wait for their water to be fully restored, many said they’ll continue to fill up on water at the distribution sites located throughout the city.

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