Water levels and frustrations rise as crews repair breaks across the city

Water levels and frustrations rise as crews repair breaks across the city

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Frustrations grow with each passing day for residents without water. Meanwhile, city crews are fighting the battle of repairing water main breaks.

Public Works Director Dr. Charles Williams said more water is filling storage tanks and progress is being made each day. There are water line breaks across the city like one on Old Canton Road.

Breaks on Benning Road are filling the street and some yards with water. Williams said the PSI (pounds per square inch) level rose from the lower 80′s Thursday to 87 Friday.

Service is being restored to more homes.

Vanessa Farrington and her 81-year-old mother, Diana Sanders, are struggling without water on Maddox Road.

They say they couldn’t find bottled water at distribution sites and filled buckets behind their house with snow and rain water for flushing.

“We lost our water. I’m at Sunday and it’s been out for two weeks. One day shy of two weeks,” said Farrington. “We’ve got dishes all piled up. We’ve gone to a hotel once just to be able to take showers.”

Public works crews are working on 13 confirmed reported breaks. Thirty breaks have been repaired.

Eric Stallworth grew tired of the water breaks on Benning Road, sold his house in January and moved to Ridgeland.

He said during the 13 years he lived on the street there were at least 20 breaks and the city would not replace the faulty line.

“Every year this is what we have. Not one break, two break,” said Stallworth. “There’s patches on top of patches where the same spots keep continuously breaking and they band aid until waiting for it to break again.”

The public works director is starting to see a lot of recovery in the system, but warns that now is not the time to relax. He discourages washing cars and other non-essential water use as water levels in storage tanks rise.

The water system PSI goal is 90.

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