Water and other essentials fly off grocery store shelves

Water and other essentials fly off grocery store shelves

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The snow is gone and roads are passable, giving some residents the opportunity to venture out in search of necessities. For many in south Jackson, the need is drinking water.

And it’s had to come by at stores in the hardest-hit area.

“Water and other essentials like bread and milk are flying off shelves especially here in south Jackson as soon as they can be stocked. Today was the first time I was able to get some drinking water and milk,” said Fulton Clark after pushing a shopping cart from Food Depot on Terry Road.

He lives in the Alta Woods area and just had power restored Sunday.

The 58-year-old is still without running water.

He was one of the hundreds going to the Food Depot in search of water.

“As far as the water part, hey, they’re fixing to run out of that because people are coming in buying like two cases at a time,” said Clark. “So because basically in this area here the water was off”.

According to Food Depot officials, five pallets of water delivered Monday were sold out by noon.

They have received very little milk.

Officials said the whole supply chain has been affected by the winter storm. Their warehouse in Indianola has not been receiving or delivering and unable to get employees to work.

Billy Jackson is also without water and says he was fortunate to be able to get the cases he’s taking home.

“I got the last two things of water. They were sold out before I got there,” said Jackson. “I think one of the cashiers had those two reserved for her and she went on and was nice enough to sell them to me”.

Many stores across the region aren’t getting their usual shipments and anticipate running out of what they do receive in the coming days as quickly as it can be put on the shelves.

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