Grieving mother wants Jackson police to find her son’s killer

Grieving mother wants Jackson police to find her son's killer

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A Jackson Mother pleads for help and answers to find her son’s killer.

22-year-old Oren Anderson was shot multiple times and killed on Sloane Street in broad daylight back in December. The search for a suspect continues.

His mother is growing restless and wants JPD to step up its investigation.

“I just don’t feel safe in the city. I feel deeply disturbed.”

Shannon Anderson couldn’t stop crying as she talked about the spike in crime here in the Capital City.

See, Anderson’s son Oren was gunned down inside a car back in December. marking the 123rd homicide in Jackson. Here is a video from the day it happened. She can’t stop thinking about that tragic day.

“Every day that I live without my son is pure torture. My son went to school and got an education. He had two vocational degrees. I can’t find my happy place no more.”

This heartbroken mom claims she has constantly stayed in contact with JPD since the deadly shooting-even giving them tips, but they haven’t been much help.

“They have never been to any one of my houses. When I went up to talk to them, they only had a folder, and they were asking me basic information they should have asked me on the scene and that’s collaborated with any sources or next of kin to get the information. I didn’t get to view all they had, but all I saw was empty pages.”

This grieving mother fears her son’s case will go cold if the police don’t do more.

“They are not saying anything and that’s the hardest thing of all. Everybody is saying patience is a virtue, but their child is not laying in a grave.”

She is now calling on the public to speak up if they know anything

Anderson also wants JPD to do a more thorough investigation and help bring the family closure.

“I want to say to the police that they have not become vigilant in the community. They are not fighting crime in this neighborhood as they should. I want to see your foot in the community.”

We reached out to JPD several times today to get an update on this deadly shooting.

We are still waiting for them to get back to us. If you have any information, please call police or Crimestoppers

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