Power to be restored to most Entergy customers Monday

Entergy Mississippi plans to have customer’s power restored by Monday evening.

Residents still without water after Winter Storm

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - As of Sunday night, thousands of Mississippians are still in the dark and without water after this week’s winter storm. .

When it comes to restoring electricity, Entergy Mississippi said it plans to have everyone’s power back on by Monday evening.

However, when it comes to restoring water to Jackson residents, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba said he can’t give a timeline on when the water issues will be fixed.

The mayor did mention that the city’s water system is improving now that we’re experiencing warmer temperatures.

As the city waits for the water system to continue thawing out, Jeff Good said the water woes have caused him to lose more than $100,000 in revenue.

Good owns three restaurants in Jackson, Sal and Mookies, BRAVO! Italian Restaurant and Bar, and Broad Street Baking Company.

While Jackson State University kicked off its first football game of the season, Good said he was frustrated that he couldn’t serve any of the fans who came to town for the game.

“I’ve got all these great people right there, just right there, ready to have pizza and ice cream, but unfortunately I’m not open because I don’t have water,” Good expressed.

The business owner said he hopes to be back in business by Tuesday.

“I’m scared, I do want to be able to know that there’s going to be an end to this, but I can’t hold anyone responsible,” said Good. I just need to keep on going, and we’re going to do everything we can this week. If the water doesn’t come on we’re going to try to figure something out to move forward.”

The water issues stem from the city of Jackson’s water system being crippled due to the recent winter storm.

The winter storm is also the culprit for the thousands of power outages throughout the state.

Work crews spent a bulk of their Sunday trying to flip the switch to homes currently without power.

“As of one o’clock today, we had about 15,000 customers who are still without power in the southern and central portions of the state,” said Mara Hartmann, spokesperson for Entergy Mississippi.

Hartmann said Entergy’s plan is to have every customer’s power restored within the next 24 hours.

“We had about a 144 broken poles, over a thousand spans of wire down, 46 damaged transformers, so just a tremendous amount of damage,” Hartmann explained. “We do hope that we have virtually everyone restored at night, tonight, Sunday night. We do know we will have some carryover into Monday, maybe Monday evening, but we’re working as quickly as we can to get everyone restored.”

Southern Pine Electric is reporting only two power outages as of Sunday night.

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