Coyotes spotted wandering Vicksburg streets

Coyotes spotted wandering Vicksburg streets
A coyote spotted in Vicksburg (Source: Vicksburg Daily News)

VICKSBURG, Miss. (WLBT) - Wild coyotes have been spotted roaming the streets of Vicksburg.

Saturday night, just before midnight, a coyote was observed walking down Monroe right next to the police department, Vicksburg Daily News reports. The coyote was not intimidated by the vehicle and continued on its path.

The state of Mississippi defines a coyote as a nuisance animal.

“Wildlife in both rural and suburban areas will utilize food sources, as well as buildings and other physical structures, that are not intended for use by wildlife. Depending on the situation, once wildlife becomes accustomed to food sources or structures, deterring them may be very difficult,” Mississippi State Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks states.

Late February and early March is considered the peak of mating season for coyotes. Male coyotes, in particular, can become more aggressive during this time of year.

It’s encouraged you keep your pet inside, supervise them while walking, and keep bird feeders and BBQ grills clean, because of small animals feeding or the smell of food.

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