Work day held to clean up damage at Magee animal sanctuary

Work day held to clean up damage at Magee animal sanctuary
Magee animal shelter damaged during winter storm. (Source: Jerri Bennett)

MAGEE, Miss. (WLBT) - A sanctuary dedicated to helping unwanted dogs is getting a hand up of its own, following the recent winter storms.

Volunteers descended on Wolf Pond Sanctuary in Magee Saturday to help clean up and repair the facility after it was damaged by the inclement weather earlier this week.

Jerri Bennett, the owner, said people reached out to her after she posted storm damage on social media.

“I’m in shock the way people have come forth,” she said. “We’ve raised $5,000 from Facebook.”

Bennett’s posts also caught the attention volunteers, who showed up to haul branches, mend fences and the like.

Bennett founded the shelter in 2012, as a no-kill sanctuary for puppies, older dogs and dogs with health problems.

“Some are not adoptable because of health issues,” she said.

Wolf Pond is located on 40 acres and has everything a dog could want, with two ponds and plenty of trees.

Right now, it is home to about 20 to 25 puppies and 25 adult dogs.

The sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and does not receive any public money, Bennett said.

The storm knocked down fencing, as well as patio umbrellas put in to protect the animals from rain and heat. Coverings on the outside exercise pens also fell in as a result of the snow and ice.

Meanwhile, large tree branches fell on roofs and on the ground, leaving additional debris that needed to be removed.

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