Mississippi Blood Services in critical need for donors

MBS is not able to get hospitals what they need without more blood donations

Mississippi Blood Services in critical need for donors

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - First the COVID-19 pandemic and now the brutal winter weather have been a double blow for blood donations.

Almost every chair at Mississippi Blood Services was empty Friday except for one person who stopped to give blood. The supply is at a critical level.

Merle Eldridge with MBS says they have not been able to open the center or have mobile drives since Saturday when the winter storm hit. She also tells us they have struggled since the pandemic to get inventory levels where they need to be.

Eldridge said, “We’re looking at a deficit of about a thousand units. We’re unable to get the hospitals what they need and so we’re in desperate need to get donors out to donate.”

Dr. Matthew Kutcher said, “Well I’m one of the trauma surgeons at UMMC and so I feel like it’s only fair. We use a lot of the blood so I’m trying to give some back. But I also know first hand we frequently don’t have what we need.”

Eldridge says MBS is in need of all blood types and products and there is a severe need for platelets.

They are extending hours this weekend and will be open Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 until 2:30. Mobile drives are planned Saturday in Jackson, Byram, Clinton and Brandon.

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