Residential leaks, power outages drain Crystal Springs’ water system

Updated: Feb. 18, 2021 at 6:46 AM CST
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CRYSTAL SPRINGS, Miss. (WLBT) - People in Crystal Springs are being asked to report any water leaks to the police department so their water can be temporarily shut off.

The Copiah County town is waking up without water Thursday morning, after power to the city’s water wells went out.

“Actually, they went to bed last night without water,” said Mayor Sally Garland. “They’re going to get up this morning too.

At about 5 p.m. Wednesday, a power outage occurred at the city’s water wells, causing production there to come to a halt. Meanwhile, water consumption continued until the town’s reserve tanks ran dry.

“We have three wells on Southern Pine that are down. We did put a generator on one of the wells last night to fill the tanks up, but it did not work,” she said. “We’re still on zero this morning.”

The generator has started working, but the city has been unable to refill its tanks.

Garland said the main reason is leaky residential pipes.

“The moment we get water in there, if someone has something leaking under their house, it’s going to keep sucking the water out,” she said.

The city’s water system serves about 2,500 connections.

Garland is urging citizens to report leaks so water to those homes can temporarily be turned off.

“If anyone sees a leak coming out from under a house, be sure to let us know.”

She said water would be restored once the tanks are filled and electricity at the wells will be restored by noon Thursday.

In the meantime, she said individuals who are without power and water can go to the Copiah County Safe Room in Gallman.

“If you do go to the safe room, you have to bring your own supplies. You need to grab (something to eat and drink) and bring it with you,” she said. “It’s warm and it has running water.”

The Crystal Springs Police Department can be reached at (601) 892-2121.

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