Latinos want Hispanic Task Force to yield results after Canton triple homicide

Published: Feb. 11, 2021 at 11:10 PM CST
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CANTON, Miss. (WLBT) - Talks are underway in Canton where the Hispanic community remains on edge after a December shooting left a brother, sister and her unborn child dead.

The mayor is opening the door for conversations with Latino residents who want to build relationships, leading to better protection.

“Hopefully that task force will have some tangible results,” said Lorena Quiroz.

The director of the Immigrant Alliance for Justice and Equity wants meetings with the Hispanic community to lead to improvements in safety for residents.

Canton Mayor Dr. William Truly formed a task force of Latino residents and religious and community members and the police chief to close cultural gaps and start conversations.

“They actually have to buy into the welfare and that means to employ a bilingual person, an immigrant person as part of the police department,” said Quiroz. The task force has met virtually twice in the past month.

It follows the December fatal shootings of a brother and his pregnant sister in the Latino community. No arrests have been made.

“As mayor I want to make everybody in this community, Hispanic, African-American and White, comfortable, because we’re all trying to move the city collectively together,” said Mayor Truly.

Residents fear the talks will go nowhere like they say the many investigations into crimes against them.

“We’re doing more than just bringing attention to just one crime,” said Quiro. “We’re building relationships, we’re creating leaders in the community that can continue to work on this.”

“I’m not gonna be in a situation in which atrocities and injustices are perpetuated upon another group because a young African-American male, that’s all I saw,” added Truly. “I’m not gonna pass that onto any other minority group”.

The Hispanic Task Force’s next meeting is Friday.

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