Witness recounts being 5-10 feet from shooters on Marshall Place

Residents say the neighborhood is quiet, full of elderly residents

Witness recounts being 5-10 feet from shooters on Marshall Place

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The elderly resident of Marshall Place was frightened. He wanted to talk about the violence he just witnessed, but he didn’t like the idea of putting his face on television just after what he saw.

We focused on his feet and hands as he told us what transpired.

Jackson Police Department said in a statement that a 23-year-old woman was transported to the hospital by ambulance to the hospital after gunfire erupted in what the witness and other neighbors say otherwise is a quiet neighborhood of primarily elderly residents.

The witness and his nephew were turning off of Michael Clay Drive on to Marshall Place towards home when the shooting occurred.

“And then they just turned, right there, and a car ran the stop sign and stopped right about there where the marker is. And he stopped, then I didn’t have no choice but to stop, so I stopped,” he said. “I didn’t see... all I see was the gun when they got out and that’s it. Once I heard that first shot, I’m just glad, you know, that it didn’t come through that car.”

He was terrified, and on top of that, he was uncomfortably close. When the gunshots began, he got as low as he could.

“Down just about up under the floorboard up under the seat of the car,” he said. “He was in front of me. He was in front of me and my car. I’d say about 5-10 feet.”

Somehow the witness’ car wasn’t hit, nor were he and his nephew, who watched the shooting.

“That’s the blessing- that’s the most blessed thing about it,” he said. “I just stayed down. He’s the nosy type you know, but I’m too old for that. It’s done taken 5-10 years off me already, I’m trying to figure out how to get that back.”

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