Miss. company making face shields for Super Bowl

Mississippi company makes face shields for the Super Bowl - clipped version

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The 2021 Super Bowl is right around the corner.

The Kansas City Chiefs will face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

One Brandon Company is donating special face shields for Tampa Bay’s Coach to help fight the virus during the big game.

It’s the biggest game of the year and it’s is happening in two weeks . Mississippi will have a special place in this big game with these new face shields.

“I am so happy personally. I’m more happy about Mississippi. A Mississippi Company is providing for Super Bowl and that is a dream come true.”

Kyong Lee, founder of Sunnie USA in Brandon, has been making face shields for NFL coaches to wear during games since the start of the season.

In fact, we featured him last September after he sent off a donation to several teams to help fight the virus while coaching the games.

“During the first game of the NFL, Andy Reid was wearing a mask and it was fogging up like crazy, and that’s why I have a technology not to fog up. I sent it to Bruce and other NFL coaches.”

Lee says his shield scored a touched down with several teams including with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Coach Bruce Arians.

“He already wears my shields for the playoff games, and in the ESPN interview he truly liked my face shield, so I am glad to provide my face shield to him. I think they are a good luck charm for Tampa Bay.”

Lee says to keep the good luck going- he has mailed seven new specialty made masks for Coach Arians to wear.

They are lightweight, they have the Buccaneers logo on them, they don’t fog up and they are durable.

“They are so durable you can spike it like a football and it doesn’t break.”

As football fans get ready for the big showdown when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Lee says he will be rooting for the coach wearing his mask.

The price of the shield is $17.

For more information, just visit the company’s website at sunnieglobal.com

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