Caught on Camera: Thieves riffling through bags from reported porch thefts and car break-ins

Caught on Camera: Thieves riffling through bags from reported porch thefts and car break-ins

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - During the holidays, porch pirates and car break-ins often increase but some Jackson residents say the crimes continue to be a problem.

Recently thieves were caught on camera riffling through stolen items. One Jackson physician captured the scene and has a warning for his neighbors.

“If I could help somebody recover their stolen merchandise, that would be the thing to do,” said Dr. Daniel Quon.

Surveillance cameras at his Ridgewood Road office captured video of two people carrying bags onto the rear of the complex parking lot. With a flashlight, they search through the bags. It was after 4 a.m.

The oral and maxillofacial surgeon discovered the scattered stolen items taken from nearby homes. It’s not an isolated incident.

“If it happened to me, I would want to know about it,” said Quon. “So when I went out the first time it happened, I went out and tried to contact the individuals and couldn’t contact them, turned the mail over, actually called JPD and they came and picked up the bags.”

This is the second time. The 37-year oral specialist found addresses among the discarded bags from nearby homes. Quon reached out to others in the area by posting pictures of the left items on Nextdoor.

“The first time it happened, obviously I was upset and mad that people were breaking into people’s cars, stealing property and doing this,” said the concerned physician. “The second time, when it happened, I thought this has gone on too much, gone on too long.”

Porch pirates have also reportedly taken packages from houses in the neighborhood. Several car break-ins are also a problem in the Adkins Boulevard and Ridgewood Road area. Cars of Quon’s employees have also been broken into in the office parking lot.

He hopes neighbors working together will stop a recent rash of thefts.

“I try to be a law abiding citizen, and any illegal activity just infuriates me,” added Quon.

JPD Precinct 4 Commander Obie Wells said there has been one report of porch theft. Another person has been identified and a warrant has been issued in reported auto burglaries. They are working to identify other individuals.

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