Miss. women of AKA sorority watch on as history is made as Kamala Harris sworn-in as Vice President

Miss. women of AKA sorority watch on as history is made as Kamala Harris sworn-in as Vice President

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority members are celebrating Vice President Kamala Harris’ inauguration, across the country.

Harris is a proud member of AKA, the nation’s oldest African American Greek-lettered sorority.  

Some of her local sorority sisters even mimicked her signature style for the big day.

”I am so glad my soror is in the White House. This is huge,” said AKA Sorority Member Candis Moore.

Tears of joy and excitement filled the air as the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha gathered around the television to witness history being made.

Their sorority sister Kamala Harris taking the oath of office to become Vice President of United States.

South Eastern Regional Director Mitzi Dease Paige says she will never forget this day. 

“We are the first African-American sorority. She is a member of our organization, and now she has been sworn in as the first African-American woman of color as the vice president of these United States and I have no words, beyond very special.”

Her mom ,Barbra Dease, was also excited to watch history unfold before her eyes. 

“I am 83 years old and I never thought that I would live to see the day.”

Due to COVID and security restrictions, these sorority sisters could not go to DC for the historic inauguration, but they still found a special way to honor Harris and her iconic style by wearing Pearls and Chuck Taylor All-Stars. A look she made popular while campaigning. 

“We have learned from COVID-19, just because we’re not physically there that doesn’t mean we can’t be there emotionally. I am right there in Washington, D.C. with her, with my pink and green my pom-poms.”

”Yes, we said we would where chucks today and 20 Pearls represents Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and that’s what we do.”

As Harris walks into this new leadership role, these AKA’s say they will continue to support and cheer her on every step of the way.

“She is a symbol of hope for black, brown, anybody’s child. They can look at her and see what all the possibilities are for themselves.”

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