Drag racers do donuts on lawn of Jackson church

Drag racers do donuts on lawn of Jackson church

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Drag racing and people obstructing traffic with reckless driving have made headlines in recent weeks. Now the drag racers are causing damage to property in one part of town.

The lawn in front of the Greater Pearlie Grove Missionary Baptist Church now has more grooves than a vinyl record. This week drag racers jumped the curb and did donuts, tearing up their lawn.

Greater Pearlie Grove damage
Greater Pearlie Grove damage (Source: David Kenney)

Youth Pastor Arthur Bridges said, “This is the third occurrence where they have come onto the lawn, turn donuts and do whatever trick. You can tell it’s not, like, an incidental, just running up onto the lawn. They actually drive up on it and do donuts.”

The vandals also threw mud up on their building while performing their stunts. The streets in front of their building scarred from nights of racing and wild displays of horsepower.

“It’s really costing us because now we’re having to look up other options, maybe fencing or put up some type of barrier to keep them from driving up on the lawn so we don’t have to continue to fix it,” said Bridges.

As local officials work to get a grasp on the out-of-control drivers, state leaders are working on legislation that will make it a felony to obstruct traffic showboating, and drag racing. Those found guilty could face fines of $2,000 or two years in jail.

Church leaders say they just want the wild behavior to stop before someone gets hurt.

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