Elevators not working at Jackson senior apartment complex

Elevators not working at senior apartment complex

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Elderly and wheelchair bound tenants at one affordable senior living complex are angry over elevators that don’t work. 

They claim the problems at 809 State Street Senior Apartments are not being addressed and they don’t know what to do.

“It’ very depressing. I am literally a prisoner in my apartment.”

Senior Gail Walden didn’t hold back her frustration when talking about the living conditions.

According to the tenants, the first elevator broke in the 11 story complex days before Christmas and the other one broke the first week in January.

“I have respiratory problems and it’s just been a problem for me. I take blood thinners and I had bleeding here, and I couldn’t get out to see the doctor,” said Walden.

Sue Brown understands her pain.

She lives on the 10th floor and says checking the mail or running errands has not only become an inconvenience, but it’s painful.

“Blood pressure has been low, and I have been dizzy. It is hard for me to go up and down,” said Brown.

“People are on wheelchairs, people are on walkers and they’re stuck in their apartment, and they can’t get out to get food, medicine or any kind of help,” said Anthony Minor.

These seniors say they called and called for help, to no avail.

“The manager, she keeps saying that they ordered the part, and then she said stop saying they ordered a part, and then she says I don’t know when it’s going to be fixed. Now this morning she announced, I think because she heard the news was coming out, that the elevator will be fixed tomorrow. I don’t believe that at all.”

3 on Your Side reached out to Drew Laster.  He is the Regional Manager of the United Apartment Group that oversees the property. He says that there was a fire in a unit and the sprinklers went off soaking the elevator and the electrical components were destroyed.

He says the company signed a contract to get the elevators repaired. Due to the age of elevators, the parts are coming in from as far away as Canada.

He hopes to have at least one elevator working for residents by tomorrow.

“I don’t want to deal with broken elevators, no ma’am no I don’t.”

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