Ceremonies across the local school district usher in new state flag

Ceremonies across the local school district usher in new state flag

MADISON, Miss. (WLBT) - Mississippi’s children are seeing a new day as the new state flag waves above our Capitol, at our homes, businesses and schools.

A special ceremony was held in Madison where students say they now look at our state flag with pride.

“I think it’s going to say to the rest of the nation that we are ready for change,” said Mira Rayburn. “We are nothing like we used to be.”

The Madison Central AFJROTC Color Guard Commander had the duty of overseeing the raising of the new state flag at Rosa Scott High School. The senior thinks it the right direction for Mississippi.

“I was really hoping that we would change the flag during that whole process. I was watching it thoroughly- how they were having the votes on which flag,” said Rayburn. “I personally liked this one the best, and I was just glad that we were finally getting something that was different and not the old one.”

Friday the “In God We Trust” flag flew over the campus for the first time beneath the Stars and Stripes.

“We are on the precipice of history,” said House Speaker Phillip Gunn. “We have an opportunity here to write a brand new chapter for the State of Mississippi.”

Gunn and Flag Commission member T.J. Holmes were in attendance as students witnessed the flag raising. For this young generation, the change means they’ll be viewed differently by the nation.

“When I heard they were changing the flag I was really excited because, honestly, I’ve been thinking about the step myself for a while and thought the old flag was hateful,” said Rosa Scott SGA President Hollin Brewer. “I thought the history of it was not something we wanted to represent as a state.”

SGA Vice President Austin Brown said the new flag will make a difference in the country.

“I feel more included with this one because it shows how we’re more of a united country and how we’re more like... we’re progressing as a whole and the old one just did not represent that at all,” said Brown.

The new flag has been raised in ceremonies at schools across the district throughout the week.

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