Fondren virtual neighborhood drawing interest from neighbors

Fondren virtual neighborhood drawing interest from neighbors
(Source: WVUE)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A week after its launch, Fondren’s virtual neighborhood watch program is already garnering attention from other neighborhoods.

Last week, the Fondren Renaissance Foundation (FRF) debuted a new online platform where home and business owners can submit video surveillance to be reviewed by Jackson police.

The idea is that videos could be used to capture potential activity and could give the police another tool to help collect evidence and map out criminal activity in the Fondren neighborhood.

Since going public, two videos have been submitted, and other neighborhood leaders are beginning to ask if the program could be expanded to their areas.

“We’ve gotten a few questions about it, but it’s too early to know how much interest is out there,” said FRF Executive Director Rebecca Garrison.

At an OurFondren community meeting Tuesday, one person from the Midtown area asked when the program would or could be expanded.

Garrison said she would eventually like to grow access to or duplicate the platform, but wants to make sure all the bugs and any potential legal issues are worked out before doing so.

“It’s been out there for all of one week, so my hesitancy to make it available to everyone is only tempered by the fact that we need to give it a little more time to make sure it’s working as it is intended.”

Among concerns, Fondren wants to make sure the platform will support all types of digital movie files.

“I think we’ve covered all of the bases, but you just don’t know,” she said.

Additionally, the foundation is working with attorneys on issues such as verbiage for the virtual watch yard signs.

Questions include whether the signs should inform people that they’re being recorded if they enter onto private property.

“We hope to have signs in yards by mid-February,” she said.

She said it could take a month, possibly six weeks, to ensure the program is working right.

“Then we should be able to duplicate it and expand it to other neighborhoods that might want to try it.”

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