Dozens of staff, residents at Yazoo City long-term care facility get COVID-19 vaccine

Dozens receive Pfizer vaccine

YAZOO CITY, Miss. (WLBT) - With each injection, staff members at Martha Coker Green House Homes say they’re that much closer to knocking out the coronavirus for good.

“I actually chose to get the vaccine for my family number one, and to try for the elders number two and for myself, of course, but to try to get some kind of normal back, and to protect the people that we are around, especially our elders,”said Stacye Allen, who serves as the facility’s life enrichment director.

Some held signs showing why they decided to get inoculated, too.

In all, 63 people got vaccinated, with almost half of those being residents, or elders, who live on the property.

“Many of them have asked for months, you know, when am I going to get the vaccine? Is there any end to that? Can I see my family? A lot of them are ready to sign up immediately,” said executive director Julie Hoffman.

Employees who got the vaccine said they felt proud and happy to be able to take it, with one staff members remarking that it was her duty as an American.

“I really feel like that this has given us a ray of hope. If anything positive can come out of it, I want to be a part of that positive,” Allen said.

It’s also personal for Hoffman.

Her mother’s one of the sixty residents who call this place home.

“I want to keep her safe, like I want the other elders to be safe. But I think the hardest part is the distancing from the families because that is their life, their families. And that’s been heartbreaking,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman added that they’re hoping that once both doses of the vaccine are fully administered -- late February -- that visitation for those families won’t be far behind.

The facility will look to the Mississippi State Department of Health for guidance, she said.

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