Local Black Lives Matter and NAACP activists disappointed in recent actions at U.S. Capitol

Published: Jan. 7, 2021 at 11:14 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Many are still trying to process the images of terror coming back from the U.S. Capitol Building this week.

Jarrius Adams with Black Lives Matter Sip said he noticed a disparity in how this riot was handled compared to the BLM protests of last summer.

“The lack of preparation [Capitol Police] had even though they knew it was happening. They know [President Trump] tweeted on the 30th of December to meet at D.C. on January 6. My question for what happened in DC. Where were the tanks? Where were the rubber bullets?” said Adams.

The group at the Capitol aimed to “Stop the Steal” of the 2020 election. NAACP executive director Corey Wiggens said it was a direct hit at democracy.

“Folks who are trying to disenfranchise millions of people who went to the ballot and cast their ballot just like each and every person has the ability to do -- and that’s not what democracy is about. We settle our differences through the ballot,” he said.

Taylor Turnage and Timothy Young were part of the largest, peaceful BLM protest in Jackson last year. They say violence from either side is not excusable. It only shows how hard the next administration must work to make amends.

“I hope for a more peaceful transition than we’ve seen so far,” said Turnage.

“It’s time that we really do look at ourselves and really look at how much we are going through,” said Young.

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