Mardi Gras decorations selling at one Gulfport store despite 2021 cancelations

Sadie Jane's
Sadie Jane's(Andres Fuentes)
Updated: Jan. 2, 2021 at 4:37 PM CST
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Carnival 2021 won’t look like the celebrations in years past. Cancellations over COVID-19 safety concerns have left some cities without any parades or other typical festivities.

That hasn’t stopped Sadie Jane’s Famous Wreaths and Gifts from stocking the shelves with everything and anything green, purple and gold.

“We’re here for any reason, any season,” owner Jeanne Bracki said.

She hopes her merchandise, especially her handmade wreaths, help her get through the upcoming Carnival season after a rough 2020.

“We had no idea, as did most of us going into this, what we were going to be looking at,” Bracki said.

When COVID-19 was not the worldwide health crisis it is now, Bracki, like other retailers, put in their orders for Mardi Gras items to sell at their stores.

However, customers have kept the store afloat, much like during the last big holiday.

“People started decorating for Christmas earlier than we have ever experienced,” Bracki said.

She thinks her clients continue to flock toward masks, jesters and other decorations after facing the wrath of last year.

“They want color. They want bright. They want lights. They want to still be celebrating,” Bracki said,

Even though this year won’t have the typical Carnival fanfare, Sadie Jane’s is glad to still be working through the season.

“One wreath at a time we make the Coast happier,” Bracki said. “We’re very humbled that people love what we do with our hands.”

With more and more Mardi Gras items flying out the door, staff hopes that type of demand remains throughout 2021.

“All of the holidays, we are here for any reason any season,” Bracki said.

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