Neighbors involved in fatal Rankin County shooting had previous problems

Neighbors involved in fatal Rankin County shooting had previous problems

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Eighteen-year-old Deshawn Douglas crossed the catwalk from the courtroom to the jail practically alone after being denied bond on a murder charge Tuesday.

Witness and bystander video show him involved in a fight with his neighbor, Christopher Miln, just moments before Miln was shot to death Monday. Officials say it wasn’t the first time Miln and Douglas had clashed.

“We’ve received calls out there and we’ve been out there to address issues that they’ve had when they’ve called before,” said Rankin County Sheriff’s Department Legal Counsel Paul Holley. Investigators say they’ve got their work cut out for them on multiple levels.

“What we’re primarily doing is going through the area that the suspect is alleged to have moved through looking for evidence in this case,” said Chief Investigator Brett McAlpin. “If anyone can see or finds anything they believe may be involved in this case we certainly hope that they would contact the sheriff’s department.”

“Right now we’re going to go back and follow up with witnesses, get their accounts again. We’d like to talk to them again and make sure everything stays consistent,” said Holley. In addition, there will be evidence sent to the crime lab, and the autopsy on the deceased, Holley said.

In court, court-appointed defense attorney Joshua Poe mentioned self-defense and Judge Kent McDaniel also brought up the castle doctrine.

“I can’t speak to this case specifically, but, in general, this is how it would work,” said Holley. “The law reads you can protect your property, your house is your castle if you were in fear for your life. But it’s a little more complicated than that.”

The sheriff’s department asks that if you’re going to video a fight, please use your phone to call 911 first.

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