Coast residents, visitors make heart-felt Christmas wishes

Updated: Dec. 24, 2020 at 7:16 PM CST
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Many Christmas wishes have been made this year. Some will be granted, some won’t. Regardless, a lot of Gulf Coast residents and visitors are looking for something less from the pocket book and more from the heart.

Here are some of their wishes:

“I’d like for everybody just to get along,” said Billy Sadler, Coast resident. “And just let stuff go. And quit being petty.”

Gulf Coast resident, Charlotte Smith said she wishes for everyone to have a happy, and healthy holiday.

“For Christmas, I just want everybody to have a happy and healthy holiday,” said Smith. “And stay safe out on the road for all those that are willing to get out and travel this year.”

Virginia resident, Patty Yates said she wishes for all her family to be happy and together.

“I want my family to be all happy and to be able to be together,” said Yates. “There are so many families that aren’t able to enjoy each other.”

Another Virginian, Lois Schemel resident said she wishes for healing this holiday season, which is something that we all need after experiencing such a crazy year.

“I really want God to reach down and heal our people, our families, our country, our communities.” Schemel.

Someone with a different perspective this holiday season is Utah resident Bella Gonzalez, who wishes for the borders to open, so she can experience exploring new cultures again.

“My hope is that later next year, we can hopefully get the borders back open,” said Gonzalez. “And the planes and a safe environment so that one day, we can get to explore new cultures and places like I used to.”

Felecia Pokallus said she wishes that everyone would live in the moment, and to cherish everything that they have.

“I just want everybody to live in the moment,” said Pokallus. “It’s like the future is going to come no matter what. But, if we live in the moment. And really embrace what’s so good around us - people, our families. Just really feel the love, because it’s there. All you have to do is feel it and be in it.”

Utah resident Levi Linchenko said she wishes that everyone would appreciate the little things in life, like the environment.

“I wish everyone could be a little more observant and care about the gifts we’ve been given. Specifically, the world that we live on, the environment - stuff like that,” said Linchenko. “We’re just all so blessed. It’s an amazing thing that we have and should cherish a little more.”

And for one Gulf Coast resident, it’s all about family.

“It’s about being with family, reaching out to people who are really having a hard time,” said Richard Coyne. “Just spreading a little bit of the Christmas cheer. A lot of people talk about it. I don’t think enough people do it.”

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