Families seek answers about alleged rapists’ bonds

Families of alleged rape victims live in terror

YAZOO CITY, Miss. (WLBT) - “Being a parent, there are some phone calls you wish you’d never receive and your child being a victim of rape is one.”

Alice Boyanton is reading a statement she and her family drew up, begging authorities on every level to get involved in her daughter’s case. She and another woman were allegedly raped by three jail guards in the Yazoo County jail a little over a year ago.

“I want them to find out why these guys are walking out on such a low bond, a low bond, when their bonds should have been at least $50,000 or $100,000 for rape,” Boyanton said. “I mean not one count, not two counts, but three counts on just my daughter.”

Sgt. James Alexander, Officer Christopher Hayes, and Officer Ohaje Brown are accused of charges ranging from having sex with an inmate, sexual battery, and conspiracy to commit sexual battery.

Boyanton says the jailers got around $3,000-$4,000 bond each, even with two of them racking up additional conspiracy charges during a hearing Friday.

“There were a charge each that were added to them for conspiracy to commit, and they were given a new bond, an additional bond, and they bonded out,” said sheriff’s department investigator Terry Gann.

We contacted the sheriff’s department, the circuit clerk’s office, and the district attorney today and none of them could confirm the bonds on any of the suspects.

Earlier this year, one of the accused guards admitted to his part in it. The other two denied it happened.

The victims’ families have been trying to bring attention to this since last year, and it hasn’t been without cost. Katherine Mallette, the other victim’s mother in law, who has been a pillar of strength for the whole group, died suddenly about a month ago.

“And I feel so lost without her support,” Boyanton said, emotion in her voice.

Both families are terrified, they told us, and people have actively threatened the victims.

“Three women walked up in my yard one night last week and threatened to beat my daughter down,” Boyanton said. “And no we didn’t call the police, I don’t trust our system anymore.”

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