Local residents have mixed feelings about taking COIVD-19 vaccine

Federal officials begin rolling out the first batch of Pfizer’s vaccine.

Local residents react to taking COVID-19 vaccine

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Pfizer has been coordinating shipments of its vaccine with all 50 states.

By Monday, a total of 189 boxes will be delivered.

That’s about 2.9 million doses and there is more to come by the end of the year.

As federal officials begin rolling out the first batch of Pfizer’s vaccine, some Mississippians are excited that a vaccine is now available.

“I’m glad,” said Kaarlon Mann, who’s in favor of taking the vaccines. “I’m happy that they’ve got it because I think that, plus the mask and the distancing is the only way we’re going to get this behind us.”

But while she’s happy about the vaccine, others aren’t so upbeat about it.

“It’s a good thing if it actually works, I’m hoping it works,” said John Birdsong, who’s not against taking the vaccine.

Birdsong said he will take the vaccine, but also admits, he does have concerns.

He believes the vaccine is being rolled out prematurely.

“I think it’s a bit rushed,” he expressed. “When Donald Trump orders the FDC to release it before the FDC was ready to release it, that might give a sign that it’s a little rushed.”

Due to his job, the Louisiana native knows he’ll have to get the vaccine eventually, but it won’t be now.

The initial roll-out is for E.R. doctors, nurses, and those in nursing homes.

“I don’t want to the first, but probably within 30 days after it’s released I’ll probably have to with my job, so I’ll end up taking it,” said Birdsong. “I think we’re on the top of the list as truck drivers because of our exposure across the country.”

Meanwhile, Mann said she’s watched those close to her come down with the virus, and says she’ll be ready to take the vaccine as soon as it’s available to her.

“I hope that we can all get it sooner rather than later,” said Mann. “When it comes out, and by the time it gets to me a lot of other people will have had theirs.”

Pharmacies in the metro are already gearing up to have the vaccine shots available by early 2021.

When it comes to the general public being able to get vaccinated, State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said it likely won’t be available until the spring of 2021.

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